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Biole & Dalle

Chae Biole Park & Chae Dalle Park

Artists & Sisters


D. Stands for Dalle, B. For Biole

What are your current inspirations?

D. My inspirations are as always small beautiful things, and poetic scenes I find in my daily life.

B. My current inspirations are wooden furnitures. I like to go through images of designed objects for new inspirations!

What do you like to do these days?

D. I like to spend time knitting and watch all kinds of documentaries.

B. I like to ride my bike and decorate the studio I moved into a few months back.

Do you work together?

D&B. Yes we do, depending on projects. But because we share our art studio, we work most of the time together and I think we influence and inspire each other even though we don’t work all the time on the same project. And we also collaborate not only with each other

but with other friends that inspire us.

What kind of work are you making?

D. I’m currently working on my poetry and I’m almost done with one of my “Hand to hand” painting series.

B. I am working on a small show that will take place in Nice in a couple of weeks so I am making a new series of sculpture. And I am also working on my thesis which is a research about the idea of comfort.

Is there something you would like to do someday?

D. I would like to travel to Mongolia and live closer to nature. And be able to have our own exhibition space somewhere in the world!

B. I would also like to travel more (when the covid situation gets better). But essentially, I would like organise a big show with all of my friends one day. Maybe in the space that we will open with Dalle.

What does art mean to you?

D. It’s so close to life so I feel like it’s a life style. It’s something that’s so engraved in me that I can’t live with out.

B. I agree, art is part of my life I really don’t know what I would do if I wasn’t making art. It’s something that makes me deeply happy and I hope that my art makes others feel that way too.

What are your plans for this year?

D. We are having our first duo exhibition in Seoul this summer and another exhibition in Paris this September. And I’m planning to organize more lectures and hopefully make a poetry collection. Just continue to create and experiment as much as possible!

B. And we also have other exciting plans for this year! We will be organising different events and shows in Pairs throughout the year. I would also love to go to London for a couple of months to work on my research.

What are the most important things to you?

D. Spend time with my loved ones and nature. Love life and have a comfortable spirit.

B. Yes, family and friends, living life at its fullest, being optimistic and dynamic!

Photos from top:

Top trio of photos: Degree show, 2020, Cergy, Chae Biole Park

1st Portrait of Biole & Dalle: 2021, Paris

Installation view, Degree show, 2020, Cergy, Chae Biole Park

2nd Portrait of Biole & Dalle: Paris, 2018, photo © Hubert Crabières


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