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"Predicting a color trend is kindred to predicting the future"

Emit Shapor aka Marcello Cotten


Portland, OR

Hello my name is Marcello Marcus Cotten and I create music and visuals under the name "Emit Shapor". Emit Shapor is short for saying (emitting shape and color). I am an Artist from Portland, Oregon.

The relationship between color, time, and society. To be interested in color is to be interested in the future. What do you mean by that ? What I mean by the relationship between color, time, and society more acutely, is the relationship between light, time, and human existence. I think perhaps the next prominent colors in society determine the appearance of what our next visual reality will look like; so essentially the next prominent colors determine what our visual make up will look like in the future. For instance : the next prominent colors will influence the appearance of our clothing, our dishware, the interiors and exteriors of architecture, stationery items, the color of automobiles, the color of furniture ect.. Observing colors fluctuating over time gives you a small window into what our visual make up will look like aka the future. Predicting a color trend is kindred to predicting the future. The Past Sometimes you will hear people say ohh it's just like the 70s all over again or it's just like the 80s again ect. In my mind I think about time rotating when I hear people say that. I don't think of it as the 70s particularly reoccurring again per say, I think of it more as a time cycle or light cycle overlapping the same point in time, but on a unique and new rotation. Let's say you took a pencil and started drawing circles in the same place one on top of the other, those are all unique circles. However while making your circles you are lapping previous points in time (previous circles).. That indeed is a larger discussion then I can write here. But there are cycles happening in existence but I think the rotations are unique. The Present.. Color Analytics. Finding the next prominent colors. I'm currently analyzing a light spectrum. Perhaps the next prominent colors will potentially be soft, gentle, quiet colors, and they will interact with the vibrant colors of the present day.


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