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Sugar Baby

Flash Fiction by Mila x Mori

“Harry, I’m bored. This relationship has gone stale. I want to do something. We never do anything. I want to go dancing. I want a love that makes me dizzy. I want to run naked through the rain. I’m bored, Harry. Bored.”

“You’re saying you want me to take my pants off and go out in the rain?”

“YES! We never have any fun.”

“I don’t see how risking a cold for you to see my wet, pale ass could be fun.”

“Well, I don’t know. That’s just an example. Maybe if you came with me to the nude beach sometime your ass wouldn’t be so pale.”

“What’s with this nudity obsession?”

“It’s not about nudity, Harry. It’s about liberation. How many times have I told you? Clothing is just another means by which man is suppressed by the machine that is modern society. We don’t want to be cogs, Harry. Well, maybe you do. Maybe that’s the problem.”

“I had a roommate in business school who sounded like you. He dropped out. Works at a pet store last I heard. Nice guy.”

“Oh, forget it. Can I have some money for rent?”

“Sure. Italian tonight?”


“OK. Pass the sugar, baby.”

Photo by: Adi Putra