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“Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers.”
― Voltaire


Just kidding. At Egomania Mag we don't judge. Can't wait to hear what you have to say!

Ok so self interview submissions need 2 things: 




Ask anything you want - first thing that pops into your head, you could make it themed, or more thought out questions about something you want to talk about. You decide! Make it conversational. You might be amazed at the awesomeness that comes out when you have a chat with yourself. Maybe add an intro paragraph before the q's with the basics such as name, occupation, location. Number of questions doesn't really matter but for reference the average word count is ca 700-800 or so.




Fun/cool/weird/whatever, could be a selfie or portrait but please make sure it's somewhat high res. 


OH. And here's another exciting thing: you can alternatively submit your interview as a VIDEO! Egomania TV!!! 


You are encouraged to add your website and social media links with your interview piece, as well as any credits.

Also encouraged are other pieces of writing, you are welcome to submit articles on a particular subject, opinion or 

poetry for example!


Please make sure you either own what you are submitting or have permission to submit it for this purpose. 

If you have another type of submission, like an art, photo, music or video project  - please write a a couple of paragraphs about yourself and what your project is about, along with your pictures/audio/video/links. Projects exploring relevant subject matters, for examples around the self, identity, ego, self care, self love, self worth, self expression etc are extra welcome. 

Send to:


COOL! :)

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