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"Music, movies, books, and my family too. Oh, and strong women, they make me feel empowered"





What? I was sleeping. What do you want?


Not again…

You are so boring, I hate being you.

You’re very nice today, I’m going back to sleep.

Wait! Please, don’t leave me alone again, it’s so boring in here! Let’s talk about…you!

Really? You are literally me. What do you wanna know more than you already do?

Well, you never take time to have a conversation with me.

Alright, will you let me sleep if we talk?


Ok, so, what do you want to know?

Let’s start from the basis: who are you?

I am you.

Other than that.

I am Ludovica

Intresting… How are you today?

Great, just trying to focus on the good things and do my best.

You are a paintress, when did you started painting?

I’ve painted since when I can remember, it was something very spontaneous that I always used to do.

How would you describe yourself as an artist?

Not just as an artist, but as a person in general, I can be very impulsive sometimes, I love experiencing new things even though sometimes changings scare me, I often draw or paint when I feel the need to take my pencil and just king of have a trip into my world. There is this thing that a lot of artists experience, it’s almost like isolating yourself and getting really concentrated…I think it’s so fascinating.

What inspires you the most?

The little things, like music, movies, books, and my family and origins too. Oh, and strong women, also, they make me feel empowered.

What makes you feel alive?

The sound of the sea, sunsets, laughing and sad movies, too. Pretty much every moment with the people I love.

Have you already found your artistic identity?

Not yet, definitely, but I’m working on that. I’m trying to find my own personality and art style by doing just what I feel like doing, it’s kind of a process, even though you don’t feel it coming, one day you will just understand it.

And what is your artistic intention?

Letting my paintings communicate with people without saying a single word. Making people stop by them and just stay there looking at them, getting to know what they make them feel…art is such a beautiful way of connecting. I don’t have specific plans, just to talk through my art.

You are so poetic it makes me nauseous.

Are you done with your questions now? I can’t stand you.

Yes, don’t worry, at least I talked with someone, even if you are annoying.

I’m not that bad, come on, you are literally insulting yourself.

You are kinda cool, but the nice part it’s from my side, don’t get too excited.

Can I sleep now? Please.

You see? You are a n n o y I n g. I’m going back to my comfortable, dark angle, to think about dancing frogs and jazz music, bye.

Finally, yaaahwn!



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