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"I love shooting in the moment. I don't wanna miss anything"

Clay Fields


Los Angeles

How do you get the person, place, or thing that is in front of the camera onto the film in just the way you want?

I used to shoot it the way I pictured it in my mind, but that didn't always work. You can always get so forgetful as you're shooting, so I found it best to write down every pose that I wanna do. And each pose that I write down, I'll list as many details as I possibly can. Little things like body placement, what should your arms and legs be doing, my camera angle, flash or no flash, makeup, the model's eyes, their reaction, etc... I feel the more prepared I am beforehand, that usually knocks out the cobwebs.

Which is your favorite camera and why?

I love shooting with my Olympus MJU ii! It's a point and shoot camera godsend from the heavens above. This camera is my workhorse and generally my go to in all situations. I sometimes try to not shoot with it, but I can't help myself. I love it because I love shooting in the moment. I don't wanna miss anything, which happens all the time when you're shooting with a camera that has dials. You'll spend so much time setting up the right shutter, aperture combo that you'll miss the model genuinely winking or smiling a certain way. Then when you ask them to repeat that, it never comes off as natural as before. You don't get those problems with a point and shoot though, you'll never miss a moment! I don't speak for everybody lol, but that's been my experience.