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"Strong but delicate, fierce but soft"

Linzie Elliott

Paper Collage Artist


Describe your artistic style.

My style is strong but delicate, fierce but soft. I like to play with juxtapositions & ignite female energy.

What drives you to make the art that you do?

I have an indescribable inner urge to create the art that I do. I’ve tried to swerve my style at times, which has proved unsuccessful - solidifying the need to stay true to myself creatively.

What does creativity mean to you?

It’s everything, it’s a way of life – always moving, flowing and adapting to new challenges and situations.

What is your greatest achievement?


What makes you feel energised?

Sunshine, hearing the birds sing & waves crash. A moonlit sky, a wild swim, good food, music, laughter and dogs.

What do you like most about your life?

The people & animals in it.

What’s been troubling you lately?

My dreams.

Any life recommendations for people reading this?


Last book you read?

Krishnamurti – Think on These things

Mantra you live by?

No experience is ever wasted.

Key vibes for 2021?

Positivity, love, kindness & gratitude.


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