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About Artistic Creation and the Inner God by Oscar Rey

Oscar Rey


Berlin, Germany

Self Portrait

"Don't look for perfection, look for synthesis, look for beauty, look for clarity, look for compromise"

About Artistic Creation and the Inner God

Every person inclined to artistic creation in any of its forms is usually imbued with a great need to create and express themselves.

Although this need does not have a specific function or clear results and the artist himself cannot clearly explain the purposes of this, will not hesitate for a moment to highlight the importance of creating whatever the circumstances, since this force it is a powerful source of energy, a kind of "inner God" that will drive a life throughout an entire career.

This text is intended for "converts' ' and in it I am not going to try to argue about existence or details of this force if not give a series of tips to awaken this "inner god" and help us achieve our creative goals.

Be courageous, the most difficult thing for an artist is A) to accept that they are an artist B) to dare to proclaim themselves as such in society in front of family, acquaintances and the world.

Yes, you are an artist, you should be proud of it, there is no job more important than yours. Remember, for thousands of years there have been societies without computers, cars or artificial intelligence but absolutely all of them have created and create art, in fact, all we have left of the lost civilizations is their art.

Keep your beginner's mind, for a beginner all possibilities are available, all doors are open, while the world of someone experienced is full of rules and learning is little or no. You must use your experience but keeping your surprise and your innocence.

Have fun, having fun creating is essential, when we start painting as children, long before intellectualizing our actions, everything we do, we do for pure pleasure. I try not to lose my playful spirit, it is the good thing about art, you can overcome your limits while having fun.

Don't look for perfection, look for synthesis, look for beauty, look for clarity, look for compromise, but don't look for perfection.

Rock paintings, megalithic sculptures or stone petroglyphs are imperfect, beautiful and powerful artistic works that have inspired us for millennia. We are human beings, we are not machines and therefore we are imperfect, we must leave our imprint of imperfection, our human stamp on everything we do.

Throw these tips out the window, do what you want, prove me wrong, manifest your “inner god” and make your own way.


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