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North African Queens of Walid Ennadir

Walid Ennadir

Artist and Interior Designer

Cardiff, Wales

Tell us about yourself

I am Walid Ennadir, born and raised in Morocco, and I currently live in Cardiff. I am an Interior Designer and a Contemporary artist, currently doing my master’s studies in Global Design. Heavily influenced by my North African heritage and Berber (Amazigh) culture.

What is your inspiration?

I would say my Moroccan and Amazigh culture, especially my little village in the Atlas Mountains, I have spent most of my holidays there, visiting my grandparents. I have grown up watching Amazigh women in my village being incredible artists; they have tattooed their faces with meaningful symbols, they have woven rugs and made jewellery. Also, the rammed earth houses in the Atlas Mountains are a part of my inspiration and you can see that in my projects and artworks.

I feel responsible for protecting my culture and I always have the desire to share it with the world through my artworks. I always aim to explore ways of embedding stronger means of evoking culture and retrieving a sense of heritage in my work, but in a modern way.

Name three artists who inspire you

Tell us about your artworks

I began making the series Berber Queens for one of my Interior Design projects, and when the first lockdown started, I dedicated my time to develop the artworks. In these artworks, I collect old photographs of North African Amazigh women and I use them with an imaginary background of a Berber symbol pattern inspired from the ‘Louis Vuitton’ logo design as a counterattack and a way of responding to the cultural appropriation of indigenous cultures.

I have recently created a new series called North African Queens which a collection of women from North African indigenous cultures (Amazigh, Nubians, Bedouins…). These series are promoting the beauty of women and their traditions.

Do you have any projects that you’re looking forward to?

Yes, hopefully this summer when the covid restrictions loosen, I am planning to work on a project in my village in the Atlas Mountains. Stay tuned. I am also working on developing my own brand.


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