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"I think the self-interview is the essence of creativity.

Asking yourself questions and trying to find answers. The writer is just

answering a series of unuttered questions."

Jim Morrison 

Self-interview? What? That's right. Egomania Magazine is a self interview magazine. The concept is that artists and generally fun, cool people interview themselves as a kind of play on the narcissistic times we live in, like an interview version of the selfie, sharing their thoughts and art. While it started as a bit of a joke and a parody on selfie culture, the idea is to ultimately have individuals of substance, talent and good thoughts participate. It's an interview where you get to talk about whatever you want to talk about since you're the one asking the questions!

I originally set up Egomania Mag in 2014 but abandoned the idea soon after getting it going because I started questioning the concept. Though I thought it was a quirky and fun idea, I wondered whether I was actually just contributing to everything I think is wrong in the world, ie more self-obsession. I decided I didn't want to do that, because, these are times in the world when have to pick a lane. Are you going to be in the lane promoting more self-obsession and separateness, or are you going to promote unity, healing and conscious living, help steer humankind towards a better world and higher vibes!? 

Well the revival of this project in early 2021 was triggered by someone sending me an article on autosexuality (apparently this is when you're turned on by yourself). My friend remarked that 'autosexuality is basically just another word for narcissism'. That got me pondering narcissism and vanity vs self-love vs objective self-awareness.


If we're all connected, made of the same stuff, extensions of the same source, manifestations of divine creative energy... playing with this life on earth, expressing ourselves as individuals... then what's the difference between admiring, observing, examining and enjoying a painting, a flower, another person or yourself?'. That perhaps I shouldn't demonise the ego itself, when it's only the inability to see it for what it is, or an unhealthy attachment to it, that's not so great. The latin word 'ego' simply means 'I'. It's our individual expression in the world and possibly the whole point of this life exercise? So my opinion is, don't be afraid to express yourself, share of yourself and love yourself! The world needs you and that is how we ultimately connect, by sharing shamelessly of our authentic selves and creating a healthy relationship with our various egos in our collective ego. 

So in 2021 I found myself with a new perspective and decided this was possibly an interesting time to revive Egomania Magazine. A lot of people have spent a lot of time getting to know themselves better lately, and having received the first few interviews I realised that this can actually be such an interesting and intimate concept at times, depending on where people take it. Which I also think is the fun part about all this - seeing what people choose to do with their self interview. Ultimately, it's a space where we can share some thoughts and art!

The self interviews happen mostly by invitation but submissions are also welcome, I invite you to send in your own self interviews! Please see guidelines in the 'submissions' section. 

xo Miriam Haley, aka Mimi 

Person who edits this thing

Editor-in-chief Miriam Haley

Miriam Haley ~ Mimi
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