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"I'm exploring themes like attachment, pride and hope"

Erin Rose Kyle

Studying Fashion Communication at Heriot-Watt

Edinburgh/Glasgow, Scotland

What is the focus of your recent work?

The focus of my work is looking at a post-industrial, working-class Glasgow from the 1980s until now. I'm exploring different themes like attachment, pride and hope and looking at events such as The City of Culture (1990) and The Garden Festival (1988) which boosted morale and carrying that into different areas like mental health, and poverty.

How have you found creating work in lockdown?

Hard, to be honest. I get most of my inspiration from other people and other places, going into shops and galleries and just walking down the street, all of that has been restricted. I think it's pushed me to explore different ways of creating ideas and cultivating that into something that I can use with my work.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Most of the aesthetic inspiration recently has come from 80’s Scottish football fanzines and programmes. Looking at the fun illustrations and typography the kind of colorways of these small circulation publications has been very niche and close to home thus, influenced a lot of my work this past year.

Where is home for you?

Glasgow, I don’t live there now, but I am hoping to soon. I’ve been in Edinburgh for the past couple of years and whilst it is such a beautiful city and I’ve had the best time living there, you know they say People Make Glasgow.

Your thoughts on art school?

I definitely think that for someone like me the opportunities where I'm from are limited and to not go to an art school in Scotland, there really wouldn’t be a plethora of other options to pursue fashion in this form, however I think if I was somewhere, for example London, where there are many opportunities to get experience definitely would avoid education in this format it has been really tough and also you're restricted so many boundaries throughout an and not being totally free with what you could produce.

What are you planning on doing after university?

Drinking, for a week straight.

Good for you! What’s your favorite drink?

Since it's coming up to summer probably an Aperol spritz! But my usual beverage of choice would the humble rum and coke or a big juicy pint. Nothing better on a warm day.

What’s on your beer garden playlist then?

A bit of everything! Empire of the Sun, Charli XCX, Chaka Khan and definitely some Nu-disco/ funky house throwbacks.

What do you do to escape the stress of uni deadlines?

Cook, I love cooking I find it really theraputic.

What are your hopes, career wise, for the future?

I know it sounds cliche but honestly just to be happy within whatever I am doing and of course to be surrounded by other amazing creatives and people that can inspire me to push me to go further. I’ve really appreciated being surround by so many talented people and I am inspired by them every day.


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