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"In this almost 1 year, I believe I've made more than 300 works"

Pedro Mazzinghi


East side of Belo Horizonte - MG _ Brazil

So, a little bit about your artistic journey. Where did it start and how did it evolve to where it is today?

My first contact with art was in July 2020, amid the pandemic of COVID 19. In a moment of sudden change I felt that I was losing my mind. I tried to occupy my mind with something that I never had contact with and that had never attracted me ...

From that idea I bought 3 pots of paint and 2 brushes.

I started to paint on pieces of wood that I found in dumpsters.

Without the slightest idea of ​​what to do and how to start .. since I never knew how to draw, I don't know almost any artist and have a total of zero references.

This first contact was of a gigantic strangeness in the field of thinking.

I felt like a chimpanzee in front of a computer.

But at the same time it was amazing how it got my head out of a place of conflict and confusion.

I didn't know how to apply the paints, how to mix, how to hold and brush.

So I always did it my way. My right way.

1 week after my first contact I painted around 13 hours a day.

I bought more paint, took more rubble, damaged a few brushes.

And that became the place where I wanted to be as long as I could.

In this almost 1 year, I believe that I've done more than 300 works.

When the canvases are finished, I like to paint over the one that already exists.

Or paint on the back of the canvas. Which makes some friends very angry because it was erased. Hahahha

What is the artist's role in society?

To tease. To tease. To tease.

What themes do you usually follow?

Difficult to put it. Today, in the midst of the economic misfortune that our country has been going through because of the misfortune of our president. I've been trying to paint something that I can sell and try to live in some way.

Everything is very complex around here ... I need to sell, to have money, to buy paint, pay bills, see if there is any money left to put the ideas that motivate me on the screen.


My dream is to put my experience and worldview in a series. That ranges from a childhood on the street, popular culture, Rap, Northeastern Brazil and our conflicts.

I hope one day to write this interview with this concrete.

Describe a situation that inspired you or had a major impact on you.

Living in the Northeast of Brazil was certainly the greatest experience I have ever had.

Colors, smells, popular culture, strength and difficulty.

Which is your favourite of your artworks?

26 d.D

100% inspired by the rapper DJONGA, one of the most important people that Brazil will have.

What works did you do besides being an artist?

I started selling dental plans in a clothing / retail chain, I worked in shopping stores, I sold a phone book, I sold BMW cars, I worked as a bar attendant, I owned a van that sold drinks and I left to paint.

How do you feel about the art world?

A stranger in the nest.

I don't know much about the art world, but from the experiences I had with exhibitions and very little contact with someone who really understands, I see that it is the place of the elite and meetings of the same people and the same artists.

For now..

What has been going through your head / what inspires you / what bothers you?

My head is in chaos 24 hours a day. The lack of concentration, the thousand thoughts at the same time, the problems, the money, the dreams ... everything seems to be inside a washing machine. It is what inspires me and bothers me at the same time.

Seeing my kid and my mom in the place that always wanted to put them inspires me a lot too.

Putting in the elite's place a vision and a reality that they ignore inspires me even more.

What is the best advice you have received?

This advice I received since I was a child ..

My mother says: “judgment. Go with god."


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