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"You enter the Universe, you enter your own place. You talk to the Universe, you get wiser"

Ann, 22

Feminist / Writer

Ukraine → Germany

Let me introduce to you a young passionate writer who believes in the power of words and discovers the world through writing and observing. A tender woman who decided to take her own path and let everyone flourish and recognize their own beauty.

Today we are going to discuss three topics that are always present in Ann’s life. The things every person has faced but feels ashamed to talk about it. Three phenomena that rule our world: the first one you should fight, the second one learn to live with and the third one take up.


Here we go.


Do you believe that our fears define us?

Yes. It doesn’t usually lie on the surface but our fears can tell a lot about a person. I learned that from my psychologist. You can’t run or hide from your phobias, you must face them sooner or later. If you try to analyze or explain your behavior in certain situations, think of the fears that are behind this. Maybe they are responsible for acting like that.

What are you afraid of?

Getting old. I’m in love with my body and my beautiful tender skin, so I just can’t imagine all that wrinkles on my face and hands. I know to appreciate my inner beauty and I know it will only be flourishing throughout the time, but this nostalgic feeling of pure, spontaneous, rebellious youth is the thing I will definitely miss as elderly woman.

Your weirdest fear?

Dandelions. And balloons. Do not ask further why :)

The most unfair thing for you?

The need to fit in society. Be casual to be accepted. To be part of „normality“. The need to find a „real“ job, to be successful and understood. To be just a sample in a tube. To be common. But we have to remember: When you don’t fit in, that makes you special, not a freak.


What does fame mean to you?

Having power to impact other people and cause changes. A famous person can create a fresh movement, new fashion (even if unintentionally). Of course it is also about being loved and hated at the same time. Either you have a lot of fans or haters. Or both.

Your favorite famous person?

Kurt Cobain. And Selena Gomez.

Where do you see the best option to express yourself?

In writing. The greatest tragedy and the biggest fear can be re-lived, rethought and freed from while writing. Words do help. You can also see the writing process as a therapy session or a communion - you talk to yourself, you confess.

What reactions to your books do you expect from the public?

Fascination or hatred, that means implicit interest for what I do. And that’s cool. Any reaction is a sign I make art.


Is meditation about relaxation?