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"Thoughts on Art School? Youtube is F R E E and so is WiFi at your local coffee shop"


Mixed Media Artist

Bay Area, CA

Photo of cozy by Milky

Who r u?

I’m kozy. A 24 year old mixed media artist living in the Bay Area.

What’s your birthstone?

I don’t know let me google it. I know I am a Aquarius — google tells me my birthstone is a garnet- it looks like a bloody stone.

What’s your earliest creative memory? Umm I use to watch Thats So Raven, Raven was a fashion designer. I got the game on my Nintendo ds and I would have to design different things and beat all of these challenges. I beat the game so many times. I was like nine.

What’s your art process like? I usually blank everything out. no social media. Just reading and watching a lot of movies. I usually create when I am watching a movie, sometimes I sketch, sometimes I don’t but my art is just my tangible thoughts.

What are you reading? A Small Place by Jamaica Kincaid

Favorite color? Red. I love red so much. I use it a lot in my work, it makes me feel whole. I went through a stage where I did not use red for about 4-5 months. I think it was the worst period of my creative journey. I still have a lot of the stuff I made but I hate looking at it. I think I now have figured out how to create balance. Sometimes a client is not going to want red, does that mean I decline working with them? No.

What do you need to feel energized? I start the morning with yoga and breakfast. If I don’t have one or other then it determines how my day is gonna go. I need both, I drink a smoothie every single morning. I just started this eczema anti inflammatory diet so I use oat milk in my smoothies now. It’s gross.

What turns you on? My friends being their true authentic selves, putting out their art without worrying about others thoughts and opinions. It feels great when my friends feel great.

What are you the most protective of? I would say my peace of mind. I’ve been told I’m not easy to read and I don’t like giving out too much information. I always say no before I say yes.

Describe your artistic style. I think I am a mixture of hard and soft. Red can be hard and soft maybe that’s why I am attracted to it. I like to play around with different texture and shapes.

5 Song Playlist As You Are - Samplelov Alright - Adonis Bosso Bebo - Burna Boy Rangerover - Vegyn Remix Strawberry Privilege - Yves Tumor

Thoughts on Art School? Youtube is F R E E and so is WiFi at your local coffee shop.

Artists the world should be supporting: @jinnibaobei

Projects you’re looking forward to? I recently started getting into pottery last year in the middle of the pandemic. Before the pandemic started I wanted to get into making sculptures. I had a lot of down time to do research and decided that I actually wanted to make bowls and plates. I plan to release everything in the summer of 2021. Things will be limited and each design will be a little different from the other because the product will be made from my finger tips.

I’m also looking forward to doing more film/video work. I’ve been experimenting with video work since I was 10. My laptop got stolen and I started moving around a lot, so I didn’t have the resources to continue. However, now I’m in a much more comfortable space. Im excited to experiment more, my friend Ellie bought me a Super 8 camera for my birthday. My first time using a Super 8 was in January, I just got those rolls back a few weeks ago.

Short films MAK (2019)

kozy's IG: @aaermak

Photo of kozy by Milky