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"I believe that our natural affinity towards things of the past should be our guides for the future"

Colleen Guenther

Photographer and Maker

Minneapolis, MN

What’s your gosh darn name?

Colleen Guenther. It’s my third last name but only married once.

What was your favorite hobby as a kid?

Beading and drawing. My mom let me draw anything on my bedroom walls and I thought that was so cool. I think that what we were creatively drawn to as a kid is a good sign of what we should explore again as adults. I believe that our natural affinity towards things of the past should be our guides for the future.

What philosophies do you live by?

Only do things that you enjoy the process of doing them. The outcome rarely matters as much. If you hate doing something, passion and love will not be present. Without those things, you are in a deficit.

Why do you draw?

I have no idea. But, I guess I’ve always loved how shape, form and color interact with each other and I love the moment when those things create something that make you feel good and complete inside.

How did you get to where you are in your drawing process?

I always wanted to be a painter. For so long, year after year, I would buy new paints, canvases, brushes and try and paint something without any measurable and enjoyable output. I was always too overwhelmed by WHAT to paint and WHERE to start. It wasn’t until I discovered the Procreate app and started to play around with color, ideas, subjects, lines, shapes and form. The app completely gave me the space to play without drying paint and expensive canvases at bay. I can then take those ideas and start to paint IRL with a solid plan. It just works for me and I hope that others can explore this process of creation ideation too to help spring them forward.

Do you have any interest in space travel?



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