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"Cooking, Listening to Cumbia, Propagating Plants"

Tony Wold Musician/Collage Artist Chicago,IL

Where do you live?

Chicago, Illinois in the Logan Square neighborhood.

On occupied native land, belonging to The Council of the Three Fires

Favorite color?

Black, Light Brown, Dark Oranges

Zodiac sign?

Leo Sun / Gemini Moon / Libra Rising

What is your bands name?

Dead Feathers

What excites you?

What excites me. That’s a difficult question to answer. Playing music and getting that perfect feeling of connection with my band mates, listening to a new song or artist and diving deep into their albums, seeing a really nice cloud, the anticipation of a tour, seeing my friends succeed and thrive in their lives and their passions.

What are your passions?

Playing music is my true passion. I enjoy playing guitar with my band, and going on tour to share my music with friends and strangers more than almost anything. I also enjoy making collages, standing in solidarity with indigenous peoples, learning about our earth and it’s creatures, and traveling to beautiful parts of this country.

Do you see yourself living anywhere else?

I could see myself living somewhere else for sure. ever since high school I’ve wanted to live in a different city. But there’s so many to choose from with their different charm. Surely somewhere on the west coast, or possibly the southwest.

What has kept you going during all of this?

Knowing that there is a light at the end of this tunnel has kept me going through this wild time of human existence. As well as my friends, family, friends on social media, and listening to music.

Do you have a favorite piece of art?

A sunset over a mountain range, an approaching thunderstorm in the summer.

What makes a person beautiful?

There’s so much that can make a person beautiful. Aside from their looks, I think what makes a person beautiful is when they are talking about their passions or what makes them happy, and you see them glow and shine. When that person shows their power in sexual energy and comfortability with themselves.

What is your go to outfit?

Black denim jeans, brown suede boots, a band t shirt, or a denim button-up. With accessories of silver rings and a necklace or bolo tie.

What does style mean to you?

Style means a lot to me. I think it’s an expression and extension of ones self. I’ve always been invested in my personal style since I started my band in high school. Being influenced by many musicians. But also, finding my own style with that. I think style comes in many forms, and can really make a person shine, or show their self expression to the outside world. I also think that style gives me strength and power to comfortably be who I am.

When did you start playing guitar?

I started playing guitar at 13.

Where is your favorite city to visit on tour?

There’s so many incredible cities. But I think my top places to visit would have to be: Milwaukee, San Francisco, Denver, Nashville, Tucson, & Austin.

What influences your music & art?

Landscapes, beautiful women, psychedelics, plants & animals, movies, stories, indigenous resistance, water, fire.

What is the best moments on tour or playing live?

The best moments on tour are when you really get the attention of the crowd. You’re feeling it, and so are they. The connection is made and its one of the best feelings. Some other great moments on tour are when we visit places in nature that ore so foreign to us her sin Chicago. Looting out the van window and seeing mountains, desert, and oceans. Making new friends with bands and people in each town is a special bond.

What compliments do you hear most often?

Mostly compliments about my Long Hair. Almost 99% of the compliments are about my hair haha.

What is one thing people stereotype about you?

That I’m an unapproachable person and that I’m very cold and serious all the time. But maybe that’s just because I am quiet, and I’ve heard that my mustache is very intimidating.

What is one thing that most people do not know about you?

I am very big on wellness and health. Vitamins in the morning and green smoothies and all.

What do you most remember of 2020?

How crippling those first few months were to my mental health. As for the most of us I assume. I’m a loner and enjoy my space, but all of it at once was a lot to survive. Especially without my creative outlet of playing music, seeing live bands perform, and rehearsing with my band twice a week for the past 5 years.

If you could have dinner with 5 people, who would they be?

Black Elk, Maria Sabina, Anthony Bourdain, Jimi Hendrix, Bernie Sanders

What was your favorite concert you have attended?

Roger Waters of Pink Floyd performing all of Dark Side of The Moon Tour when I was 13. Was my first concert and was a really big turning point for me wanting to play live music.

What music have you listened to before this interview?

Kikagaku Moyo, Blaze Foley, All Them Witches

What is your guilty pleasure?

Tacos, Remembering a nice dream after you wake up

What is the last thing you watched that you would recommend?

Surviving Death on Netflix . It’s something I think many people should watch, especially Americans. I think we as a culture do not talk about or deal with death very often.

What have you been interested in lately?

Cooking, Listening to Cumbia, Propagating Plants

Are you a morning person or night owl?

Definitely a night owl, but mornings bring me great peace. Especially if I’ve been up all night for some reason haha

Do you think people pop into your life for a certain reason?

I think everyone pops into your life for a reason. I hold so many people so close to my heart. Many of whom I only have known through social media, or had a few moments with. But they are very influential on my life and the path it has taken. They inspire me to create art and music and I cant wait to meet them all one day when we can go back on tour.

Favorite Animals?

River Otters, Toads, Cedar Waxwings, Owls of all sorts, Coyotes.

Favorite Smells?

Copal, Cedar, Sage, Pinon Pine.

What would be your Horcrux?

My Horcrux probably would be this necklace that I wear almost everyday. I got it while I was on a camping trip in Wisconsin when I was little. It has a black bead, and an image of a bird and the four directions.

IG: @Lostintheglare