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"Even though it seems bleak right now, there is a reset element in a positive light I can’t ignore"



Vancouver Island

How are things?

I am looking forward to the future. Even though it seems bleak right now, there is a reset element in a positive light I can’t ignore. I am also very grateful for my good health and the good health of those I love right now.

On art- what is your favorite medium to work with?

Right now I love interior design. This is likely my mother’s influence. She was so passionate about Mexican and mid century design that it almost got ingrained in me. Textures, things I can touch and see are almost a doorway to what else I can layer on, wether it’s photos, music, or even acting!

Where is home right now?

Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Favorite quote?

“Whosoever is delighted in solitude, is either a wild beast or a god.” ― Aristotle.

What motivates you?

People. Different lifestyles, fashion, food. Even architecture. Humans are so complex, and to witness the accomplishments that have lasted through the ages is kind of a creative fuel for me to want to contribute to history.

Inspiration! Tell us who / what / where you get it.

On average, I expose myself to film, nature and exercising. Lately however I’ve been really inspired by relationships, and what they mean for us. Between two (or more) people, or between a human and an inanimate object perhaps. There’s so many different kinds, and now we’re having to redesign them using distance which is somewhat scary. I’m at the point where I’ve deconstructed ideas to say we are very easily manipulated by what a relationship is suppose to look like “in the end”, but forget about the journey, and the things that happen along the way. With each other, with things. The meaning of life maybe? Haha. Perhaps a bit bold. Nonetheless I am doing my best to see meaning in everything. It’s hard when others close to you don’t share this attitude, but respecting their journey helps let go in a sense.

What’s the last thing you took a photo of?

Some cool vintage dinnerware I got at the thrift store so I could share it on Instagram, ha

What makes you feel at home?

Cooking good food, and sharing music and art with people I care about.

The hardest decision you’ve ever had to make?

In 2017 I left my hometown in the Canadian prairies and my immediate family to explore the west coast, with no plan for work or accommodation other than a van. It was really difficult, scary, and exciting all at once. Thankfully my family has always supported my decisions and pushed me to leave (I’ve never lived anywhere else in my life until I was 32). I’m 35 now and still on the west coast. I miss them and will always be proud of where I came from.

Do you have an idol?

There are so many! It’s hard to just choose one. But I think it’s a tie between John Waters, and David Lynch. Andy Kaufman has always been my childhood idol.

What does art mean to you?

This is a loaded question. Ive been drawing since I was a kid, so it just comes easy to me. Some days I wish I had a different talent though, or maybe I just didn’t take the right opportunities. Drawing and painting in my 20s yielded me little satisfaction later on. Once I had a good portfolio, and I realized I didn’t want to tattoo, or spend time working with galleries/publishers, there wasn’t much motivation left in that area for me. Exploring music and photography now in my 30s is something I am REALLY enjoying, but all the people I am close to have been doing it since childhood. Maybe I’m cursed, lol. To the point- the meaning lies in the experiences for me, not necessarily the final product. I practice being fulfilled no matter if it’s something I created, or simply admiring others’ creations knowing I may not be able to contribute, or knowing I have no idea what I’m doing. Art is in everything, so to me that means letting go of attachment and possession.

Who takes the photos of you?

I take photos of myself about 85% of the time using a self-timer, and occasionally a tripod. I’ve only ever told the odd few people this, because at first I was possessing this idea that it was my “secret” and if revealed, I would become less mysterious. But, once I kept detaching the art from myself, it became easier to tell people without minding how they perceived the photos afterwards.

What is your biggest fear?

Life without art, definitely.


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