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Cave Bath ~ a cosmic sound meditation with Nikki Caballero

Nikki Caballero

Sound Healing Guide

Tune in and tune up with this 10 minute healing sound bath guided by Nikki Caballero

I’m just like you, a girl with a one-eyed dog who spends half her day doing rituals and the other half wondering if she wasted her day doing rituals.

Favorite color:


Favorite gum:

Double bubble

Favorite bath:

You’d think it would be sound, but it’s bubble!

Biggest fear:

Someone bursting my bubble.

How would I benefit from a sound bath?

A sound bath can act as a shortcut to a meditative state without having to “try” to quiet your mind. The vibration of each quartz crystal bowl is simultaneously soothing and provides a focal point.

Even the person who thinks they can’t meditate will be able to slip right in.

Why did you choose this path?

The first time I experienced a sound bath I felt as if I found a portal to another realm. I couldn’t feel the ground beneath me. Yet, the majority of people I talk to say they are unable to meditate at all. From that point to now my mission has been to make these transformative states accessible to those who didn’t think it was possible for them.

Last words?

Be like bubble.

Linktree: Nikkixcaballero


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