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"The deeper you go into personal topics the more universal they become"

László Antal


Berlin, Germany

Are you Laslo Antal?


Are you László Antal as well?


Were you born on the sixth of June, in a Hungarian family in Yugoslavia in the mid ‘80s?


Is your work inspired by your childhood memories, your family and the way you grew up in the

‘90s ?


Do you feel it’s important that an artist thematises his/her personal life through the work they

are doing?


Do you agree that the deeper you go into personal topics the more universal they become?


Did you study visual arts and graphic design in Serbia, and then in Berlin, Germany?


Does it annoy you when you forget to wash your brushes from acrylic paint, and you only realise

that you should have washed them the next time when you want to paint something, but the

brushes are useless cause they are all stiff and dry?


Do you think a daily routine in work, especially in creating art, is important due to the reason

that when you do something on a daily basis it makes you more relaxed and so you can be freer

with your approach?


You started your daily visual diary project in 2017. The project consists of making one handmade

mixed media collage every day. The collages narrate a single event in that day – at times, these

are seemingly insignificant or banal moments, at times they reveal the most intimate and

emotional situations that you experience. With this very personal and honest project, you raise

questions about what happens to intimacy once it enters the public sphere, about the inconstancy

of memory, and about the role of the artist in recording events in a constantly changing world. It

seems that you are interested in preserving the memory of the first, “raw version” of an event,

before the process of memory takes over and reshapes, even deforms the actual event over the



Are all of the artworks the exact same size ( 35cm x 28cm) ?