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Say “I love you” as often as possible and “fuck you” as often as necessary

Morrisen Rosentreter (she/he/they/whatever the fuck)

Mixed Media Artist


Are you ready to begin? Interlinked.


What do you fill your days with?

Lately my days consist of shooting photos or planning the next time I’ll be shooting, watching movies or listening to music while I edit or work on other projects, taking three-hour baths, slipping slowly off the edge of sanity and back again just to keep myself entertained.

A colour.

All the colors of the rainbow.

How can you quiet the demons?

It is in all our best interests to stop trying to quiet them but rather to encourage them and hear what they have to say.

What's your favourite camera to shoot with?

It depends on my mood, and it is so hard to choose favorites… But right now, I’d have to say the camera I reach for the most is my Pentax ZX-30, currently loaded with some Fujicolor C200 film.

Desert Island Disks?

  1. This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody) - Talking Heads

  2. Dance Yrself Clean – LCD Soundsystem

  3. Linger- The Cranberries

  4. Baby Blue- Badfinger

  5. Love My Way- The Psychedelic Furs

  6. Win- David Bowie

  7. The End- The Doors

  8. Don’t Worry Baby- The Beach Boys

A smell.

Hot coffee on a cold morning.

Some advice you want to give?

Say “I love you” as often as possible and “fuck you” as often as necessary. Recognize the areas in which you are a shitty person and improve upon them. Smile at strangers and then when they don’t smile back hunt them down and ask them why.

Where do you find the will to continue?

I think humans would all benefit greatly if we subjected ourselves to more things that made us uncomfortable or emotional instead of trying to avoid them. When I’m feeling intense sadness or happiness or anger or love is when I see the most meaning in the world and therefore the most meaning in my own life.

The last book you read?

I obsess over my favorite books and while I should be picking up something new I’m rereading all the ones nearest and dearest to me. I’m on The Doors of Perception by Aldous Huxley right now. (You should totally read it.)

A feeling.

Holding a hand and feeling it hold you back.

Your most treasured item?

All the photos I’ve taken. My extremely oversized sweater from the 1930’s that gets worn in all weather. The bed I sleep in. All the letters and cards that have been written. All the gifts I’ve been given. I think most of my items are treasured items.

What's your secret recipe?





2% THC

How do you know this is real?

We don’t. Have fun!

Do dreams mean anything?

Dreams mean everything. Our own minds tell us stories and I think we should pay attention to them.

A taste.

Hot n’ sticky ooey gooey cotton candy baby!!!

The last movie you watched?

I imagined that I was very tall with very long legs and I could walk anywhere in the whole world and I was the only person in existence; that was sort of like a movie.

Your favourite way to unwind?

Turning on my stereo (another treasured item, the red stereo that I was gifted for my 7th birthday), sparking a joint, and dancing by myself.

What is the best way to create?

With an open mind and heart. When you let go of fear (of what others think, of self-judgement, of worst-case-scenarios) you will be amazed at the new ideas that will occupy those spaces of your mind.

A sound.

Thunder cracking. Very Loudly.

What is important to you?

Being happy, creating things I care about, making connections with others, caring for the people I love, drinking blood, having orgies, blacking out.

Any comments before you go?


Twitter: @Istiiigkiet


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