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Bad Flamingo

Bad Flamingo


Somewhere in a desert far away

Direction of choice?

The other way

Speed of choice?

No rush

What do you keep doin even though you know you shouldn’t?

Layin hats on beds

What do you fancy?

lying on late summer concrete while it’s raining soft

a basket of Georgia peaches in the back of a truck

running a hand on velvet against the grain

desert grit between the teeth. grinding

Who do you spend all that time with?

The man in black

The man in all leather

The man in the tight denim

Things to think about?

What not to think about

Can you be bucked off a mechanical bull?


On a strange day of heat lightning and mint green clouds. What do you do?

Catch tumbleweeds in the car grille from Lubbock, TX on the way to Roswell, NM

Pick a sound.

Walkin in a squeaky faux snakeskin suit from the 70s. By a theremin. While a hawk flies overhead with a field mouse. Under a tree limb that’s always been about to fall.

How do you know?

By rollin dice

Why do you wear a mask?

Give a man a mask, and he will tell you the truth - Oscar Wilde