Viva the Visionary Fashion Shaman


Stylist/ Fashion Shaman

Brooklyn, NY

How did the name “Viva the Visionary” come about?

Funny story lol. Back in college (2015) I was pregaming with a friend at the time. She was would always record everything lol. So when she put the camera on me out of know where I said, “I’m VIVA!” Not sure exactly where it came from but I’d like to credit the universe for that one. Later on that week I changed my IG handle to “Viva the Visionary.” It amazes me how it ties into what I’d like to do for the rest of my life which is to innovate and push art in a direction that no-one has ever seen before. “Viva ” is essentially the name I gave to my higher-self.

What does art mean to you?

EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Art is my safe place where all of my worries disappear. From a very young age I’ve dealt with anxiety due to the structure of this b.s society. Back in high school I took almost every art class they offered each semester (Artist Journal, drawing, painting, ceramics, jewelry making, photography and digital art).

I’m naturally a very guarded person, so art allows me to get in touch with my vulnerable side. Art is the antidote I swear.

I live by the quote, “The creative adult is the child who survived.” - Rita J. King

How would you describe your personal style?

Bold, emotional, and unpredictable. I love playing with both feminine and masculine energy. Fashion means everything to me. I am the canvas and my clothes are the paint brush. My parents instilled into my siblings and I from a very young age to always look presentable no matter what. It amazes me how a great outfit can not only uplift my mood but others around me as well.

Who / What are your fashion influences?

To start my parents! They are the definition of STILO lol. As a child watching them get ready to go out was exciting. They always looked so sharp and made me so proud to be their daughter. Also, the queen DIANA ROSS!! She is my everything! Between the hair, make up and outfits omg!!! My fave movie of all times is Mahogany. My mom introduced the film to me when I was in elementary school.

Also the 70’s era! I wish I was there! That era was about being bold, vibrant, and most importantly an individual. Plus the 1970’s was when Black beauty and Black power was at the forefront. I’m obsessed! Oh and the music!!!!! I wish time machines were real!!!

What is your creative process?

It’s hard to pin point because each time I create it’s different. I do notice that when I disconnect from the world and completely surrender to the universe ideas begin flooding in rapidly. Everyday when I wake up I thank god for my life and say “Use me as your creative vessel to help myself and others.

Music plays a huge role when it comes to styling outfits. I blast it super loud and see videos in my mind. I’m constantly writing down ideas in my journal. Also I meditate and mentally go into different dimensions and to gather inspiration.

I let it all come to me naturally. Some days I just don’t feel inspired and let myself go through the motions. Usually if I get to that point I try my best to go to an art gallery or museum.

What is a Fashion Shaman?

A person with the ability to activate the healing properties of clothing to aid others. Ultimately pulling inspiration from other dimensions to promote self-healing and individuality.

As a fashion stylist I want to share with people how clothes can be used as a tool to make your life fuller and brighter in the deepest way.

Where can people find your styling services? :) I have editorial services and personal styling services. A unique service I provide under personal styling is called “POF” (Power of Fashion Care). This is an optional service included in each styling package where I create style boards based on your 7 chakras.

I create outfits to relieve any chakra blockages my clients may have. This service also explores your greatest desires, hopes and dreams. I then create mood-boards that will channel your highest self. Together we will then discuss it using our throat chakra to manifest everything you want out of life.

Speaking of Self-healing, what is your self-healing process?