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"Dreamy folk or babydoll rock or California dream folk, something along those lines"

Sleepy Pearls

Band (Violette & Brendan)

Los Angeles

What are you doing now?

Violette- At an Italian restaurant in downtown Encinitas having a glass of wine and table bread. We just spent the whole day in the studio working on our first album.

Brendan- It’s both our first time recording in a studio and not a home set up so we are feeling pretty celebratory.

Describe the Sleepy Pearls sound

Violette- Hmmmmm dreamy folk or babydoll rock or California dream folk, something along those lines. B what do you think?

Brendan- Yeah that all sounds about right, we both draw inspiration from so many different genres and generations it’s hard to really capture it.

When is the release?

Crossing our fingers [and toes] for spring/summer 🌞💐

How did we come together/meet? *

We met through playing music with a few of our close mutual friends.

When did you get the hit that you wanted to collab?

Violette- When Brendan shared the song, “Forever” by Pete Drake

Brendan- Well I knew Violette was cool within seconds of meeting her, and every second of getting to know her since then she’s just gotten cooler and cooler. I keep waiting for her to do something lame and it pretty much still hasn’t happened. Frankly it’s getting a bit out of control.

Time period to travel back to -

Violette- I would oscillate between hanging with the 60s French Ye Ye girls and wanting to just live a pioneer life in a log cabin on the Prairies like in the older show series “Little House on the Prairie”. My mother used to play the show when I was a little girl and I loved it.

Brendan- Yeah 60s France would be a dream, I love Godard and Rohmer’s films so the idea of being around when those were filmed is incredible. That same time period in the Bay Area would be amazing as well, hitchhiking with the Beatniks and stuff. Mesopotamia also seems nice.

Inspiration -

Violette- Mazzy Star, Sharon Van Etten, Dusty Springfield, Patsy Cline, Norah Jones, Joni Mitchell, Mama Cass from the Mamas & The Poppas, and the Doo Wop classics and Roy Orbison- both two genres that my father played a lot growing up. I have always admired by father’s taste in music.

Brendan- John Martyn, Justin Vernon, Damien Rice, Ben Howard, Elena Tonra, Keenan O’Meara… folk artists that can really distill the hardships of life in their work.

Animal you feel most connected to-

Violette- Whales for sure, any kind really. I love them and thinking about them or seeing pictures makes me cry sometimes. I also love doves and deer.

Brendan- Foxes, they’re such beautiful creatures. I love their symbology and they always seem to have the coolest personalities in cartoons. I’ve also heard they take a super long time to adjust and warm up to people in domestication, I definitely feel that.

Projects you’re both working on outside of music

Violette- Other than music, I am a breathwork facilitator and love to host breathwork journeys both in person and online to help people work through anxiety, grief, and expand their creative potential. I love doing group work as well.

Brendan and I are also working on a super duper secret project that we will be launching soon as well.

Brendan- I work in graphic design and brand strategy so apart from music that’s what takes up most of my time. I’m hoping to take it in a less businessy and more art driven direction in the future.

Words to live by and leave us with-

Violette- This is very cliche, but “This Shall Too Pass”. I’ve been repeating this to myself lately. It keeps me present and humble in the moments of joy and trusting of the greater plan when times are tough.

Brendan- “Real death is not this death when you depart the body, but being dead while you’re alive.” -Henry Miller


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