"A few years ago I sort of half-kidding coined the term ‘swimwave’ to describe my sound"

Siren and the Sea


Los Angeles

Sounds like you moved around a lot...where are you from and where is home now?

Sure did! I was born in Hawaii, my parents moved us to Bogota, Colombia when I was a baby

because that is where my father is from. We later moved to Miami where I grew up until I was

about 14. After that there were various cross-country landscapes for my teenage angst until I

ultimately landed in Portland where I was making music for a little over a decade. On leap day

2020, I moved to Los Angeles where I live now. Ultimately I just belong by the water, and that is

where I am now, happy as a clam.

Tell us about the inspiration for your new single “Fountain of Youth”

A few years ago I was taking a daytime bubble bath, very much cheebed, enjoying my self-care

time and daydreaming about being underneath a luxurious waterfall in Hawaii (where I was

born). I was thinking about how rejuvenating a fresh spring can feel, and how often after a good

dip, it feels as if I’m a whole new person. I started singing the line “I’d like to believe that I have

found the fountain of youth,” and from there started writing the song. I wanted it to be a flowy,

energetic song that also highlighted the contradictions that are easy to face on the journey to

finding confidence. I sarcastically say at one point “luckily, it's not hard to be a woman for you”

because I do think it can be a balancing act to try to be everything for everyone, rally to be all

the things you yourself want to be, and also to just find that sacred groundedness we all want to

discover. By the end of the song, I aim to cleanse the anxieties away.

What’s your writing process?

It varies, though I often sing a line outloud, take it to the keys or guitar, and then build my song

around that. For ‘Fountain of Youth’ I really wanted it to sound like I was filling up the tub with

energy, and fun vibes so I worked hard to capture that in the production. I had a fun time writing

that sweepy laid back arp that swirls around like bubbles popping, then took it to an 80’s edge

with the rhythm production. Later I brought in my bandmate Ethan Fox Tucker to put down some

bass which really amped the energy up to the next level. After everything has been laid down

including vocals, harmonies, etc, I went back through to add finishing touches with some

textural synth to give it some atmosphere.

How would you describe your sound?

A few years ago I sort of half-kidding coined the term ‘swimwave’ to describe my sound to a

journalist and that seemed to really stick and ultimately just makes thematic sense. Someone

else also said that my songs were perfect for “crying and dancing to at the same time” and

honestly, what a chef’s kiss honor.

We all miss live music, what do you miss about it the most?

I miss absolutely fukineverything about playing shows, even the mundane boring stuff. I miss